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Employee Spotlight: Jacob Ware
Friday, May 12, 2017

We’d like to take a brief break from full time freight logistics fun to give a shout out to Jacob Ware.  Jacob is currently employed in the Operations department at Gateway Logistics, where he daily brings dedication and positive attitude.

Jacob began working into logistics three years ago when he was drawn in to excitement of an ever-changing industry.  He says Gateway Logistics is a great place to work because his coworkers make it an enjoyable environment.  (We agree!)  One of our favorite things about Jacob is that he also shares our passion for self-improvement and unfailing motivation.

In just a few short weeks, Jacob will be celebrating a milestone in his Gateway Logistics career: his one year anniversary.  Be sure to give him a high five and show some appreciation.

If you aren’t already working for the best logistics and supply chain management, what are you waiting for?  Gateway Logistics is always on the lookout for logistics managers, freight brokers, and other qualified applicants eager to work in the transportation and freight industry.


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