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Employee Spotlight: Shawn Harig
Friday, June 9, 2017

The weather’s warm and the transportation is trucking, but we have to apply the brakes for just a moment.

Next month, Gateway Logistics Operation Manager Shawn Harig will be celebrating his two year anniversary with the company!  Logistics careers aren’t for the faint of heart, but Shawn has been in the freight logistics industry for over ten years.  He brings a wealth of wisdom and expertise to the team.


Shawn recently told us that he really values the daily challenges of logistics and supply chain management and the team of people he works with at Gateway Logistics.  We really value Shawn’s tenacity and we can’t help but agree that there’s no better place to work.


If you see Shawn, take a moment to let him know how grateful you are for his part in our awesome company.  Even better, love your logistics career more than ever by applying at Gateway Logistics.  Whether you are a freight broker, logistics manager, or some other kind of logistics specialist, we always have a place for awesome employees.


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