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Hazardous Cargo
Friday, May 18, 2018

Transportation is a tricky business itself, having to meet deadlines and face unexpected delays among other things. What adds another dimension to this danger is the transportation of Hazardous or Dangerous goods.

There are 9 categories of dangerous goods. Listed below are all the classifications and a brief description of the dangers they possess.

1. Explosives

They are defined as items or materials that can rapidly detonate as a result of a chemical reaction. Explosives produce gases at pressures, temperatures and speeds which can cause massive damage.

2. Gases

Substances which, at 50°C, have a vapor pressure of 300 kPa (or higher) OR are in a complete gaseous state at standard atmospheric pressure and 20°C and Items that contain these; all fall under this category.

Liquefied, compressed, dissolved and all other forms of gases or substances with gases, are included in this category.

3. Flammable Liquids

These are liquids containing solids in suspension or a solution, mixtures of liquids and liquids that have a flash point at temperatures of 60°C to 65°C. Flammable liquids pose a serious threat as they are volatile, combustible, and can potentially cause severe explosions.

4. Flammable Solids

This classification belongs to materials that, during transport, can easily combust or lead to a fire due to friction. They also include desensitized explosives, self-reactive substances, and substances liable to catch a fire and/or become instantly flammable when they come into contact with water.

5. Oxidizing Substances

Oxidizing agents or Oxidizers are substances that can play a part in combustion, mostly after a Redox reaction, yielding Oxygen. Organic Peroxides are unstable thermally and as they contain radicalized Oxygen undergo autocatalytic decomposition, releasing a lot of heat. These may burn rapidly, are sensitive to friction or impact, and react violently with other chemicals, and pose a danger to the eyes.

6. Toxic and Infectious Substances

Such substances can cause a serious injury to human health (even death) if in contact with skin, inhaled, or ingested. This also includes pathogens and other disease-infecting entities, along with similar chemicals.

7. Radioactive Material

Radioactive materials contain Radionuclides with both, the total activity and activity concentration is above some pre-defined values. Radionuclides are atoms with unstable nuclei, decaying consequently.

8. Corrosives

These are materials which disintegrate or degrade other materials when they get into contact with them. Corrosives can destroy or damage all surrounding materials in case of a leak, and cause severe burns when in contact with living tissue.

9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

These are the remainder of substances, which are hazardous, but not covered by any other category. They include genetically modified organisms, substances being transported at higher temperatures, environmentally hazardous material and micro-organisms etc. Even aviation regulated and magnetized material falls into this class. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods present a lot of hazards and health and safety issues to humans and animals.

Due to the severely hazardous nature of these substances, there are rules and protocols set for handling each of these materials. Only the firms registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have the capability and authority to transport dangerous goods.

Gateway Logistics is registered with the EPA and continues to safely transport such goods throughout the country.


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