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Importance of temperature controlled food transportation
Friday, August 10, 2018

Spoilage of food during its transportation costs businesses a million dollars every year. The reasons behind this spoilage include mishandling, delivery delays and inadequate temperature control. A rise in temperatures, even a little deviation for a short time can initiate microbial activities and enzymatic action that could cause the food to start rotting.

Once a little food starts to rot, the process quickens and makes the rest of the food bad, too. One overripe fruit can accelerate the same for other nearby food sources and affect them. This can result in ruining the whole bunch of fruits or other food items, leading to huge losses all caused by a minor compromise in the conditions during the delivery process.

Health Issues Related to Food Safety

Apart from the financial losses that occur due to the compromise in the transportation (as the food cannot be sold anymore), it is also an important concern about the food safety and health. Microbes can quickly develop in temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius and they will eat the food to form chemical waste compounds that further degrade that particular item and possibly those that surround it.

Moreover, if the temperature controls aren’t taken care of, it makes you question the whole delivery and supply chain process. You would start doubting the credibility as there could be other ways in which the food could have been mishandled before it reached you.

These mistakes could result in food going bad and becoming unfit for consumption. It is not the same product anymore because of the physical and/or chemical changes it has been through. Aside from financial losses, companies are likely to lose customers due to improper handling of their products.

Ensuring Food Safety During Transportation

Transporting edible items with limited or short shelf lives has various unique challenges. As mentioned above, tight temperature control is required to minimize the enzymatic and microbial reactions. In addition, the time constraints make the food deliveriesa challenging process. Most edible products are fast moving consumer goods. Any a delay in the process could mean losses in the business.

At Gateway Logistics, we effectively address these issues and challenges and maintain tight controls. We keep a strong check on the temperature controls and the timeliness of the deliveries. We keep our temperature-controlled vans and trucks maintained and in good condition ready for every deployment.

This way, the deliveries will be done on time and you can be sure that they are handled with top level of professionalism and kept in the temperature conditions that are optimal for those specific kinds of goods.


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