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Logistics Lingo
Thursday, October 19, 2017

We know that long hours on the road can lead to tiring minds. Maybe so much to the point that as you lay down to rest up, words may seem like gibberish…While a cup of coffee may be a good idea, let’s also see if we can spark up your mind after a good night’s rest with a review of some incredibly interesting logistics lingo.


FOB- you down with FOB? Yeah you know me. Wait...what does it mean? In the
transportation industry, FOB stands for “Free or Freight on Board”. Okay, so you know what it stands for but what does it mean? On documents, this is used to determine designation of where the consumer assumes the goods and risk of damage. Or this
could also indicate who is responsible for the charges and whether those charges are prepaid or need to be collected.


Dunnage- I’ve never felt more secure than I am with dunnage, I mean that’s what it’s there for. Worried about your cargo moving and slipping around? Dunnage are scrap pieces of wood that help to fill those voids between cargo. These can be made to brace the items so that they are not loosely moving around in the truck.


Reefer- Excuse me, what? You heard right! Reefer is the term used to describe a
refrigerated container or trailer.


All jokes aside, it really is important to stay up to date and refreshed with the lingo you come across in your position. By making sure you understand fully what you are reading, you can take comfort in knowing that the paperwork and information is correct.  We all know that there is a lot to remember everything there is about transportation delivery, but by refreshing your vocabulary a few words here and there can greatly reduce any confusion.


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