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Meet Ashlee Carucci-Kenner, owner and president at Gateway Logistics, Inc.
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

logistics, logistics management services, transportation  Ashlee began her professional development at Bowling Green State University, where she studied the integration and monitoring of special services for students with disabilities.  After graduation, Ashlee immediately began applying her training and business development skills at Gateway Distribution, Inc.  Her academic career paved the way for her success in the transportation industry by positioning her to implement a multitude of new training and development programs for a quickly growing company – in the fast paced and ever-changing world of trucking.

Gateway Distribution, Inc., an asset-based company specializing in transportation, distribution, and warehousing, was started by her father, Wayne Carucci, in 1989.  Ashlee worked in numerous roles throughout several different departments before ultimately discovering her passion for human resource development.  While leading Gateway Distribution’s human resources department, Ashlee advanced her education by earning a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development at Cincinnati’s Xavier University.  Ashlee’s continuing education led to the implementation of a multitude of employee development and training courses at Gateway Distribution.

Noticing the shift towards logistics management services in the transportation industry, Ashlee was driven to learn the inner workings of these services and the different ways Gateway could better serve their customers.  This led to the formation of Gateway Logistics, Inc., providing the opportunity for Ashlee to apply her experience, education, and training into her new role as owner and President. 

Ashlee’s most important role, nonetheless, is that of a mother of two young boys; Brayden (six) and Kyle (three), as well as loving wife to her husband, Benny Kenner (currently Vice President of Gateway Distribution, Inc.).  Her father, Wayne, is still involved in the business, enjoying his role as CEO, while also allowing him to focus on his health, grandchildren and golf score. 

Ashlee has been instrumental in the rise of Gateway Logistics, Inc. and we are excited to see where the future leads her – as well as our entire team.


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